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New to building my own - Genchiyu - 04-20-2015

I think I'm about ready to "check-out" parts for a build. I want to play games on the higher end without any lag issues.

From what I can gather from the article: ,

I'm going for Tier 5. I also want to be able to hook up 3 display monitors. Would I be able to do this? Considering that the article is a year old, are there newer parts that I can switch to and will it still be able to work? Any more info I need to know before I get all the parts from Tier 5?

RE: New to building my own - Dan-H - 04-20-2015

There are newer parts. Some of the "best parts for your money" cover those, but in general the tiered systems still seem fairly solid.

Are you intending to game on all three monitors? if each monitor is 1920x1080, you'll need a graphics card that can drive 5760x1080 resolution for gaming. I'd check the specific reviews for the cards.

What is your budget?

RE: New to building my own - PwnBroker - 04-22-2015

like dan said above the mainstream builds are still solid with the exception of gpu, ssd, etc updates. the newest intel chips are still to be released later this year.

if you are going to triple screen at 1080p, the tier 5 will work and i would probably go ahead and upgrade to the K model if overclocking is going to be done. on the gpu side mat has an updated article and by just looking at some benchmarks at 5760 resolution, then the 4gb gtx 970 in sli will work on high settings and ultra settings with some AA and have an average of 40-55ish fps with AAA titles. good enough for lag free gameplay at higher settings. with dual sli you will need to up the psu wattage another 145w for the extra card. that setup will also suffice for 1440p, and a 27" monitor in that resolution is way cool.(at least i think so)

he also has some newer articles for ssd's and such you can look at to get the latest low down on some components.

have more money than that to burn, mat has a newer high end gaming system article you can follow for that.

good luck

RE: New to building my own - Rapajez - 04-23-2015

It might help to point out that these suggestions are assuming you are planning to stretch your games across all 3 monitors, (NVIDIA Surround or AMD Eyefinity). If you're only playing games on 1 of the monitors, a single GTX 970 should last for a while.

I own a Surround setup, and I'd actually recommend a single, large, 1440p monitor. You're guaranteed to get use out of it, while only a few games support NVIDIA surround properly. You can check here for a list of games that support multi-screen:

Also, if you're following the Tier 5 guide, swap out the "Z87" mobo for one with the newer "Z97" chipset. Most of the motherboards are the same model name, with the '87' swapped with a '97'. Without going into too much detail, Z97 adds a handful of additional features, like faster interfaces for new SSDs, and may support the next gen of CPUs. They're usually the same price as Z87 models these days anyway. I recommend the Gigabyte Z97 UD3 or Gaming 5. (At the very least, verify your motherboard supports "SLI" if you're going to run with multiple NVIDIA cards, and fits the form-factor of your case (ATX, or Micro-ATX.)