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Buildi'n it cheap'n easy - computerboy1001 - 12-24-2014

Hey guys, it my first time building a computer, and i would like to build a simple computer, with some dicent specs so that i coul brag about it Tongue

So, this is what i was thinking about:

CPU/Core i7-4790 3.60GHz 8M LGA1150 BOX
Z97 GAMING3 S1150 Z97 ATX DDR3
RAM DDR3 16GB / 1600Mhz CRUCIAL Ballistix Sport [2x8GB]
AMD Sapphire PCIe 3GB R9 280X TRI-X OC H/2xmDP/2xD
SEAGATE Barracuda 7200 2TB HDD 7200rpm
120GB SSD 840 EVO Basic 2,5 Zoll
L8-630W Pure Power Modular 80+ Bronze

So, what do you guys think? The disk capacity is just as i would like it to be...
Is 630 W too much power?
Do i need a CPU cooler?

Thanks for the help guys, cheers Smile

RE: Buildi'n it cheap'n easy - MathieuB - 12-28-2014

It would help if you told us what you intend to use your PC for Wink

You're missing a case Tongue

You may want to consider the Core i7-4790K, if you want to overclock your CPU.

630W is a bit overkill, but it gives you some overhead if you want to upgrade your PC in the future.

CPU Cooler: You don't need one, there's one included with the CPU. That is, unless you overclock your CPU, if you live in an area with very hot weather or want a more quiet CPU Cooler.

RE: Buildi'n it cheap'n easy - Black_Hat - 02-07-2015

Yea that would be a nice build, but all piled up in a mess on the floor!

RE: Buildi'n it cheap'n easy - Dan-H - 02-07-2015

+1 to what MatthiewB said on the K model.

My preference is 250GB min for a SSD. I have a 120GB at work and I'm constantly shuffling things around to keep them on the SSD.