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wireless for pc - Trebor - 07-15-2014

So after moving into a new house i have discovered the only phone jack that does not work is the one in the room with the computer. Rather rather than pay $120/hour to run a phone jack, I am considering going the PCI wireless adapter route? Any thoughts about this and any recommendations ?

RE: wireless for pc - Rapajez - 07-15-2014

Depending on your router/WiFi situation, it may be a lot slower, or have a higher ping, than a wired connection. That may not matter if you don't do a lot of online gaming, download massive files, or if you're already limited by your ISP anyway.

If you go with an adapter, you can choose between PCI cards, or USB-based ones. Not sure of the prices right now, but you may want to ensure it's "a/c ready", as that's the latest WiFi standard. Most new routers support it.

Another option is an Ethernet over Power adapter. It lets you run a connection over the power lines, by plugging an adapter into any electrical socket. One by the router, and one by the PC. I've had mixed results with these things. Check out user reviews before pulling the trigger.