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Which Will Have Better Air Flow? - Sir_Pyr0_the_III - 05-26-2014

I'm look at two possible chassises for my gaming desktop build and was wondering which one has better air flow so I have less to worry about when I am Over clocking. The NZXT Phantom or the Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition are the two choices. I would post links to both but the forums will not allow it until I have 10 posts so sorry about that.

RE: Which Will Have Better Air Flow? - Rapajez - 05-27-2014

Honestly, both of them will provide more than enough case cooling to OC effectively. Based on the reviews, the Thermaltake may be a little quieter, but if this is your first build, it may be more difficult to work with. With either case, it more important that you keep the cables tidy (route things behind the motherboard, in empty drive cages, use modular PSU's, etc).

Of course, you'll want a good CPU cooler too. I recommend the Noctua NH-D14 in your range. It's easy to install, and actually beats many closed-loop water coolers. Plus, there's less noise and parts to worry about. If you do go with a water cooler, be sure you have adequate cooling to the rest of the motherboard. The side fans on both cases should get the job done though.