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Video Problems - Bigpapa42 - 12-26-2013

This isn't a new build but I'm hoping someone can still help with it. I build a gaming rig almost three years ago based on a recommended build from here. The basics are an Intel i5-2500K, ASUS Sabertooth MB, HIS 6950 video card, Windows 7. Never had any issues with it. Recently ordered a two more sticks of RAM, taking the total to 16 GB. But had not got around to installing it before the problem started.

I left it running while I was away for 2 days over Christmas. Had a power outage while I was gone and the rig would not turn on. I started to unplug everything and flicked the hard switch on the back of the power supply. It started to boot up. I made sure it booted (but had video already unplugged) then shut it down again. Opened it up, cleaned out some dust, put in teh new sticks, and rebooted.

It boots but I'm getting no video signal. Both of my monitors get nothing. I've switched around the connections off the video card but nada. I took the new RAM back out. No change. I don't know what could have happened. The mobo has no onboard video output to try. Not sure how to determine if my video card when kaput or its still a psu problem of some sort... Any suggestions would be appreciated...

RE: Video Problems - MathieuB - 12-30-2013

Try re-seating the video card and make sure that it is FULLY inserted in the slot.

RE: Video Problems - Bigpapa42 - 12-31-2013

Thanks, I did reseat it. Also tried the second PCI slot. Reset CMOS. Was going to try pull the mobo battery to hard reset CMOS but its on the back of the board. I ended up taking it into a shop as nothing else seemed top help.