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possible second video card? - hg33 - 11-05-2013

Hello forums welcome to my mind!

I am new to building a high end PC and I want to build the tier 2, and I was.wondering if it is possible to throw in another video card with the tier 2?

Thanks all help appreciated!

RE: possible second video card? - MathieuB - 11-05-2013

It's possible if you upgrade the power supply and motherboard to support two video cards.

Would I recommend it? No, for multiple reasons:

1. The CPU would become the bottleneck. An Intel Core i5/i7 undeniably offers higher performance with multiple video card setups.
2. Games run more smoothly on a single video card, not all games performance scale well with multiple video cards, it depends very much on getting good, up to date drivers.
3. Two video cards put out a LOT of heat, you'll need more case fans for additional airflow and two video cards running next to each other usually get noisy, definitely more than a single video card.

Besides, unless you plan on playing at 2560 x 1600, 4K or on multiple screens, multiple video cards are overkill. For 1080p, a single powerful video card is the way to go.

If you want more performance, look at the Mainstream Gaming PCs or High-End Gaming PCs articles. Performance scales up with the Tiers and Tiers have parts that are well balanced, to avoid one part bottlenecking another part.

RE: possible second video card? - hg33 - 11-05-2013

Awesome, I appreciate the feed back.

I didn't know that about the extra video card.

I am trying to build the tier 2 that was recommended in a article a little while Back and I'm trying to get the tier 2 but a little bit more upgraded.

RE: possible second video card? - MathieuB - 11-05-2013

To get higher performance than Tier 2, you can go with Tier 3 ( ) motherboard and CPU. Going with 8GB of RAM would be wise too.