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First time build, won't turn on. - Shmoo - 10-08-2013

Hi guys I'm having some trouble with my new build.

Got my CPU, GPU, RAM, and fan all plugged in on the motherboard. Connected all the appropriate power supply cables (8 pin ATX12V, 24 pin main power, and 6 pin PCI-E for the GPU).

When I try to short the power switch pins for a test boot, nothing happens. I get no fan movement on the CPU, GPU, or even the PSU. No noise or lights from anything, and the PSU looks completely dead. I've tried about 4 different wall outlets and got the same result. Tried disassembling and reassembling everything on the motherboard. I even plugged in the case power switch to the power switch pins to see if maybe I was shorting improperly. Still nothing.

ASRock H87 motherboard
i5-4670 CPU
Noctua-u14s CPU cooler
Nvidia gtx 760
If that helps at all.

EDIT: I did read through the troubleshooting guide here
and worked through all the steps. None of it helped.

Update: used a paperclip to test the PSU. It turned on and everything. I guess problem might be with the motherboard?

RE: First time build, won't turn on. - Shmoo - 10-10-2013

Well I figured out the problem was either the CPU or motherboard. Couldn't figure out exactly which one since the other motherboard I have on hand is not compatible with the i5-4670. I'll be exchanging both of them I guess.