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First PC Build - Bigpapa42 - 02-28-2011

After toying with the idea for a long time, I have finally decided to try buliding my first PC. I'm still in the planning stages, but I've already shelled out for a couple components.

The plan is to build something fairly contemporary that will hopefully be able to go a few years before needing to be updated in a significant manner. I primarily stick to console gaming, but that's been at least partly because the laptop isn't really suited to run a lot of heavy games.

I recently found a nice combo deal for the Cooler Master HAF X case and a 1000-watt modular power supply, so I bit and jumped in.

Have not yet decided completely on the rest. I am likely going to go with an AMD four-core processor, ASUS motherboard, 8 Gigs of RAM, and a SSD HD for the OS. I'm seriously debating how powerful go to for the video card, as I have a tendency toward overkill that simply isn't needed for what I'm likely to do in the near future with this system.

I've read the suggestion a few times that its best not to go piece-by-piece, due to the possibility of fault components not being identified until its too late. So once I decide on the video card and such, I'll probably jump in with the rest of the components.

This site has been great for guiding me along on what to look for. Its a great asset, so thanks for that!
The case and power supply have been shipped but won't be here for a few days. I'm eying up the next step in the process, which I'd like to get all at once - motherboard, processor, and video card. I know I should hold off on those for financial reasons... but I'm not blessed with great patience.

Looking at an AMD 4-core processor (3.2 GHz if memory serves). Its a touch expensive, but I'm liking what I'm reading about the ASUS Crosshair IV Formula motherboard.

Still have not yet decided anything on the video card. I really like what I've read about the HIS H697F2G2M Radeon HD 6970 2GB card, but its not cheap (around $400). For that price, I could also do two 5870s, two 6950s, two 6850s.... I just don't know what is going to be the move in that regard. I could probably make do with one good card as opposed to doing two, but overkill is so tempting...

Once I decide on a direction for the video card, I'll probably order these things. That will just leave the memory (going to go 8Gigs), hard dcrive, and a few things like that.

RE: First PC Build - MathieuB - 02-28-2011

I'm curious: If you're going with rather high-end components (Case, PSU, mobo you're considering, Video Card, 8GB of RAM), why are you bottlenecking your PC with an AMD CPU?

Nothing against them (got a Phenom II X2 555 unlocked/overclocked in my build), but right now, Intel is just killing them performance wise. A Core i7-2500k or i7-2600K (With Hyper-Threading) would be a much better choice to extract all the performance out of your system.

Bang for your buck, two Radeon 6870 will outperform a 6970. Also to consider, both AMD and Nvidia are coming out with dual-GPU video cards this month, in about two weeks according to the latest rumors.

RE: First PC Build - Bigpapa42 - 02-28-2011

I was looking at AMD for value, basically. The price difference for relatively comparable chips seems to be $50 to $100 between AMD and Intel. The idea was to sink that price difference into a bit better mobo and video card. Would the Intel chip make that much of a difference?

After doing a bit more reading, I'm leaning toward a Radeon 6950 2GB. There are a couple of them for under $300 that seem to be well-reviewed. I love the idea of going to dual cards, but I'm pretty sure it would be pretty heavy overkill for me at this point.

Thanks for the site, BTW. Great resource for folks like myself.

RE: First PC Build - MathieuB - 03-01-2011

(02-28-2011, 11:21 PM)Bigpapa42 Wrote: I was looking at AMD for value, basically. The price difference for relatively comparable chips seems to be $50 to $100 between AMD and Intel. The idea was to sink that price difference into a bit better mobo and video card. Would the Intel chip make that much of a difference?

See yourself:

That's AMD fastest quad-core, the 3.5GHz Phenom II X4 970 ($180) vs Intel's Core i5-2500 ($210). Pay particular attention to the games FPS difference.

Considering how much you're investing in your build, I definitely wouldn't skimp on the CPU Wink

RE: First PC Build - Bigpapa42 - 03-01-2011

Hmmm... Now you have me rethinking things. Took a look at a few comparisons on there and I see what you mean. Where the AMD is better is stuff I doubt I'll be doing much. Taking a look, there are also some ASUS boards for the i5 and i7 that I like the look of which are a touch less than the Crosshair IV, so the price difference in processors might be a wash.

Possibly switching to Intel does bring up another question. Would there be any issue in still going with a Radeon 6750 2GB for video? I love what I've read on the cards so far and the value is pretty solid.

RE: First PC Build - MathieuB - 03-01-2011

Nope, you can use a Radeon 6850 without any issue on an Intel based motherboard.

Also, just making sure here, you are looking at the newest generation, Core i5-2500 - i7-2600 CPUs and the LGA1155 motherboards, not the older/slower Core i5-760 - i7-870 and the older LGA1156 motherboards, right?

RE: First PC Build - Bigpapa42 - 03-01-2011

Sorry, I actually meant Radeon 6950 2GB. If the 6850 works fine, I would assume the 6950 would too. The boards I've been looking at support Crossfire, so it would make sense...

I was looking at the i5-2500K Sandy Bridge. I'm still undecided on the board. Pretty much all of them I've been looking at are LGA1156 boards. Unless I'm looking at something wrong (and quite likely am), I'm not even seeing the LGA1155 socket type listed on Newegg. I was actually eying up the ASUS P7P55D-E motherboard at this point... Nice price point, good features, and seems to have solid reviews.

Edit - and looking a bit further... I don't think that board is going to work. Hmmm... can't seem to find much on Newegg to fit that processor...

RE: First PC Build - MathieuB - 03-01-2011

Indeed, LGA1156 boards won't work, since they aren't compatible with the LGA1155 Core i5-2500K CPU. What you need is a LGA1155 motherboard.

Unfortunately, one month ago, Intel did a recall on pretty much all LGA1155 motherboards, due to an issue with the chipset, that would cause an issue with the SATA 3.0Gb/s ports. For more information that, check out this post:

Since then, Intel fixed the issue and is now shipping fixed version of the chipset to motherboard manufacturers and OEMs. So, we should see LGA1155 motherboards appearing on Newegg anytime now.

RE: First PC Build - Bigpapa42 - 03-01-2011

Well that makes complete sense. Also explains why the board you recommend on the builds for that CPU are not available. I read about the Sandy Bridge board recall, but didn't realize that retailers wouldn't list the boards in the meantime. It makes sense. Thanks again. So long as I can find a nice board in the $200 range with the features, I think I will go this direction rather than the AMD chip. Thanks tons for the advice.

RE: First PC Build - Bigpapa42 - 03-01-2011

After looking at a few options, I am liking the Sabertooth P67 TUF board that you recommend as part of the Level 8 biuld. It has the features I'm looking for, seems to be well-reviewed, and I love the look (a minor consideration, but still helps). It seems to be in the right price range, as a step up means a fairly considerable step in cost. Its just a matter of waiting until they are released after the recall.