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Intel Chipset Differences (1155) - Blebekblebek - 07-23-2013


I'm new user around here, and also 'new' for using new lineup from intel.

recently I build a new system, nothing fancy
just Celeron G1610, and ECS H61MV
this was meant for budget build, and for overall performance it surprised me, my requirement is quite simple, to be able playing Dota2 with native resolution (which is 1366x768/1440x900) and it does lot's better compared with AMD solution and their IGP (HD4250).

and I want to build another one, but using a little bit better processor (just a little bit I believe) which is Intel G2010 or 2020, but only if those option are available later (I might go for G1610 again or save a little bit more for i3 3220 or find a used one)

when I build what I'm using currently I want to use Asrock B75M-DGS, but it's not available, so I just went for cheapest option available, and I'm happy with my decision.

so, for current lineup (intel G1610, 2010, or i3 3220) will it perform better if I use B75/H77 chipset?
for example, my current motherboard can use DDR3 1600 but with only Ivy Brdge processor, I believe G1610 is based on ivy bridge but on BIOS it just lock up, I can't change the speed. can I set it to default speed if I use better chipset?

Thank You very much.

Intel Chipset Differences (1155) - mwhals - 07-23-2013

I think H77 is the more full functioned chip. Not sure that it would be faster.