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OC, temps 950 i7, noctua NH-D14 - VNZL - 02-21-2011


I am getting some temp reading and just wanted to ask the community what they think...

my setup is a:

950 i7
GTX 570
Sabetooth x58
6gb Gskill 1600
Noctua NH-D14
Silverstone RV-02 (fans running low)

My idle temp on w/ noctua fans running 50% is 17C above ambient temp...

that mean that my average temp is 37C and the ambient is 20C... and I had water cooling (xspc kit triple 120mm rad) and I used to idle around 7C above ambient but im kinda freaking out with 17C above..?

Ohhh my CPU is at 4.1 Ghz and Vcore is at 1.31 volts....

Max temps reach 72 C average I'm good with that ... although gonna lower it on summer since temps are gonna be MUCH higher...

If any1 is wondering why I quit watercooling is because I use autocad a lot and i leave my pc rendering for several hours or even days, and I was always scared the damn pump would stop pumping, so my options were go with double pump setup or go air... I went air cheaper and it's much more simple IMO.....

RE: OC, temps 950 i7, noctua NH-D14 - Andrew J - 02-21-2011

37C idle is normal especially considering your overclock. Everything looks fine with the temps.

What thermal paste are you using though?

RE: OC, temps 950 i7, noctua NH-D14 - VNZL - 03-07-2011

I'm AS-5 the one that needs 200hours of cure time ... I was using IC-7 but it was so complicated to apply that I rather have the one that needs the cure period that having to go through the trouble again to aply that super thick paste....