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Power cycling - Garfeild14 - 06-12-2013

It's simple as that my computer is turning on and off repeatedly, no post happens rather quickly but not what I would call 'rapid'. I changed out the psu to no avail, any suggestions?

RE: Power cycling - PwnBroker - 06-12-2013

sounds like a defective or loose seated piece of hardware is causing to reboot before it hits the post cycle. you can isolate by unslotting components then adding them back one at a time until it fails. for example unslot all the ram, disconnect hard drive, etc then restart if it tries to post or give OS failure then start putting them back in one at a time until it fails, the last piece that was added at failure should be suspect.

most of the time if its not defective its usually worked its way loose.

good luck

RE: Power cycling - Garfeild14 - 06-12-2013

Update, I had already tried reseating everything but now what ive done is take it out of the case and place it on some paper towels and it seems to be that there is some kind of short, as right now it works completely fine, the most recent hardware upgrade I made was installing my hyper 212+, I have the bracket mounted correctly with the shield stuff facing the motherboard, and the paste it comes with is ceramic I believe. Any suggestions on trying to figure out the short? Would pictures help, I could get them but it would be difficult, if you think it would help I could

RE: Power cycling - PwnBroker - 06-12-2013

lol i was just about to edit my post to include that. check for standoffs that maybe be grounding the MB , MB touching the case, I/O shield touching. double checking your brackets and mounting hardware for your cooler just to make sure.

RE: Power cycling - ichigeki - 06-12-2013

Try checking to see if the power button isn't stuck in the inside or anything. I know its simple, but I've had that situation before. You can try turning on the computer manually by temporarily shorting the two power pins that the case power button is plugged in to.