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7950 stutter - BigZacDiesel - 05-23-2013

I recently did a major upgrade of most of the core components to my computer. I did them in stages, with the upgrade to the Gigabyte HD Radeon 7950 being the most recent. I upgraded from a EVGA GTX 460. After the upgrade all seemed to be running smooth with cysis and bio shock infinite that came with the new card. When went back to D3 I noticed that on a regular basis. Like every 10 mins or so I get some ???micro stutter??? Of the background only. My character still moves fluidly and looks normal but for instance item names dropped on the ground look hazy while my character is moving. After it does this for like 30 secs it seems to go back to normal, character and background clearly visible whether I am moving my character or not.

No stutter issues with the much more graphically intense games.

Using latest drivers downloaded from gigabyte website.

I'm thinking its maybe a game specific bug or the only other thing I was thinking is that somehow my monitor is unable to keep up with frame rates from the new card. That seems like a long shot but who knows. Anyways next thing I will be doing is driver cleaner/remove/reinstall of the card.

Anything else I should try?


RE: 7950 stutter - PwnBroker - 05-24-2013

its probably frame latencies in that game. they fixed a lot of latency spikes in some games and i thought diablo 3 was one of them but i may be wrong. they are recoding the drivers on a game by game basis.

one thing you might try is to turn vsync off if you have it on. vsync enabled is one thing that can cause microstutter or input lag by itself.

good luck