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Best Budget Gaming PC for League of Legends? - GodOfWarz - 02-14-2013

Hi, I am new to this forum and especially new to building custom PCs. I was wondering with a budget of give or take $500, which tier, or specific build according to the article,Budget Gaming PCs v3.6: Now with AMD Llano and Trinity APUs, would be efficient enough just to play League of Legends, smoothly with no lag and decent fps? I'm pretty sure League of Legends is not a game which requires the latest graphics, but it also isn't a very old game, and needs a certain standard for graphics to run smoothly. So I am confused with what and which parts to buy and build to run it.
Also, at first I was just about to buy a Gaming PC from the brand CyberPower PC from amazon or newegg, or just get something from ebay, but then my friend recommended me to build my own PC because it is a lot cheaper and could compare to retail PC's performance, what do you guys think about this?

RE: Best Budget Gaming PC for League of Legends? - Pineappl - 02-14-2013

This site is all about promoting building your own pc because it's cheaper, you get to pick and choose more quality parts, you know the ins-n-outs of the computer and you learn/accomplish something all at the same time.

League is definitely not a very demanding game. It has a wide range of graphics settings to choose from so you can get by with medium settings that is very playable.

Tier 1 should be good for you and it's in your budget. You'll have to double-check prices as the article is over a month old so prices will have changed - maybe for the better.

The only upgrades I would shoot for if you can is the Tier 2 cpu, (i3-3220 dual core) cause it's the newest generation. And get 8 GB of Ram because you'll use it eventually anyways. You can always shop around for differenet/cheaper 8 GB of ram. You can ask here for verification's if need be.

RE: Best Budget Gaming PC for League of Legends? - PwnBroker - 02-14-2013

tier .625 with the a10 will run it fine, if you want to save some money.(no graphics card needed).

i agree with pineapple, if going for tier 1 id upgrade to the i3. yesterday, the 2 core pentiums were ok if you planned on upgrading later, today i dont recommend them in my shop for gaming or any heavy web browsing for that matter.(too many web browsers have been updated to utilize all available cores/threads)

good luck