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Random Game Crashes and BSOD - mattr4569 - 12-23-2012

I've been having trouble recently (probably the last 2-3 weeks) with random game crashes on Steam and other games where the client or game will crash unexpectedly for no obvious reason. Additionally, I have had several random computer restarts and a few BSOD's. I have ran virus scans and boot scan checks for any viruses or malware, but both malware bytes and avast have yet to find any problems. On the BSOD that I was able to get a quick look at, all I could remember reading was something sayign Memory Management, and when doing the boot scan for viruses using Avast I saw what looked like a corrupt file (or something of that nature) in one of my hard disk files from Company of Heroes (which is not currently installed on my computer). Any tips would be appreciated. I know this information may not be that helpful, but I don't know what next steps I should take troubleshoot the errors. Thanks.