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New Poster - Pisto3 - 11-20-2012

Hello, All.

New forum member here. I've actually had this site on my RSS feed for a while, although it's a shame that it's not currently being updated. I feel that it is/was a very (very) good resource for computer buyers and builders and the only place to find information like this. I built my first gaming rig about 3 years ago and have since made a few for my friends and family. I actually used this site to pick many of my components. Although I consider myself an amateur, I hope to contribute if I can.

Pleased to meet you.


RE: New Poster - ichigeki - 11-20-2012

Welcome to the forum!

Any contribution whatsoever is appreciated. Thanks!

RE: New Poster - ApexBoost - 11-20-2012

Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

Re: New Poster - Phrosty - 11-20-2012

Why hello there. :-)

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New Poster - mwhals - 11-20-2012

Glad to have you here.

Glad to have you here.

Re: New Poster - Brandonsr - 11-20-2012

Welcome aboard Smile

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RE: New Poster - ricky07652 - 11-20-2012


RE: New Poster - Pisto3 - 11-22-2012

Thanks for making me feel welcome. Smile

RE: New Poster - Phrosty - 11-22-2012


Lol jk. Wink