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Sound card? - fyrfytr71 - 01-19-2011

Any suggestions on a good sound card deal?
Can't get audio on mobo to work so I'm just gonna install sound card.

RE: Sound card? - MathieuB - 01-19-2011

What's in your build (motherboard/video card(s)/other expansion cards mainly)? Got to make sure that what I recommend is compatible.

RE: Sound card? - Adam - 01-20-2011

Have you tried going into Device Manager and right clicking on the sound hardware (might have a yellow ! icon over it) and "removing" it. Then right-clicking to scan for hardware changes?

On two windows updates, I'd lose several mobo functions (USB controller and sound) and both times, this fixed it, without even a reboot....

RE: Sound card? - fyrfytr71 - 01-21-2011

Wow, forgot golden rule. Always check your stuff.
Turns out it was my 6 mos old speakers that were haywire.
Hooked up my 5 year old speakers and everything is great!!

Separate note, love the video card you recommended Mathieu.
Feel like a genius running 2 monitors...awesome