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GeForce GTX 670 Clock - LoganKing75 - 10-05-2012

EDIT: I ust realized someting. The graphics properties I had adjusted were in Batman: Arkham Asylum, NOT Arkham City. Confused So, I went into AC props (because that was the game I was running) and put everythig on extreme. When I play the game now, the ExTune overlay reads 1075MHz for the GPU clock. This makes me think that I am good to go, and that my card is working fine.

Also fun to note, that the graphics settings that were giving me playable (kind of) FPS under the Intel onboard still looked 1000 better with the 670. And the 670 running AC on extreme is just way cool.

Um, okay, apparently I'm having a brain-off day today. I inadvertently deleted my original posting, which leves the above as a response to nothing. Could an admin please delete this post for me? Thanks much. As a return for the favor, I promise to not post anything for a while, until I get my thinking cap screwed on tight. Tongue smdh