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Black Mesa Source - ApexBoost - 09-14-2012

Any fan of the Half Life series should definitely check this out. Its a complete remake of Half Life 1 into the source engine including new soundtrack, voice acting, textures, etc.

The mod is completely free, all you need to do is have the Source SDK Base 2007 installed in Steam. To do this, inside your Steam library drop down, click tools, scroll down to Source SDK Base 2007 and right click on it to install. After that, go the website to download Black Mesa. After installing Black Mesa, the mod will show up into your Steam Library.


RE: Black Mesa Source - Brandonsr - 09-14-2012

I'm so happy that it got greenlighted. I Didn't know it was already playable, thanks for sharing. You cant beat free Smile

RE: Black Mesa Source - ApexBoost - 09-14-2012

Yup, it was released today. It was pretty much the Duke Nukem of mods, been in development a long time. This version is only 80% or so of the campaign, the rest will be patched/updated in when complete.