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Win 7 to Ubuntu transfer? - AllShamNoWow - 08-26-2012

I just built my new computer and have had it finished for about a month,but I've talked to my programming friend and he suggest switching to linux.I know somewhat of ubuntu,and had partition of it long ago when i was younger.I also had the latest version of Ubuntu 12.04 on this computer and I seemed to be figuring most things out,and i also appreciated the fact that i didnt have to have a antivirus (even though i prolly shouldve,just as a precaution).So,back to my original question,is there anyway to transfer all my programs to Ubuntu,without all the redownloading?Is it true that my Sapphire radeon 6950 will work with my 12.04?

p.s. i think this is still trouble shooting ,but if its not please dont be mad Moderators or admins Angel

Re: Win 7 to Ubuntu transfer? - Phrosty - 08-26-2012

There is no way to transfer. Linux uses a different install system. You will have to find either the Linux version or the Linux alternative. Any particular reason you chose ubuntu and not say Linux Mint or another distribution? Are you switching just because somebody said it's easier to program on it?

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