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So I put it together - Optimus Burnstein - 08-03-2012

And from what I have read, I guess it is failing the POST. When I press the power button, the fans start to spin for a second and then stop. Nothing comes up on the screen.

After, I took it apart and just tried to set up the test boot that the guy did in the newegg video. Same problem. The fans of the cpu cooler and the graphics card started to spin then stopped and nothing showed on the monitor.

Hurray discouragement.

So anyway, I started reading through the HR troubleshooting guide, but figured I would confirm what I understand from reading the list of things to do.

1. Check all connections. (don't think I had any problems)
2. I had my memory in slots 1 and 3.
3. No package I received when ordering all new parts came with any sort of washers for the standoffs (only came with what was in the case and a couple small bags of screws and a usb 2.0 to 3.0 adapter. I got the corsair carbide 400r. One thing I found kind of weird was top 3 holes to mount the mobo did not have any standoffs but instead were slightly raised bumps almost. I googled and found someone saying that is how it was supposed to be and you did not need the standoffs there or something.

I am giving up for tonight and put things back into containers, except I left the cpu, mobo, and cpu cooler together in the mobo box. When it comes to removing the stock cpu cooler, do you just pull the tabs out?

I shoulda just been a sheep and paid for an overpriced pre-built computer. But maybe that is just the discouragement talking.

What are the odds generally of getting a defective component?

If you need any other info I will check back in the morning.

RE: So I put it together - ricky07652 - 08-04-2012

Try RAM slots 2 and 4.

RE: So I put it together - Konvikt - 08-04-2012

Did you even see the bootup screen? Where it counts the ram and detects the cpu/gpu/hdd/ssd.

If you didn't see a ram check. Do as Ricky suggests. Use slots 2 and 4. See what happens then.

If absolutely NOTHING turns up on the screen. I'd say it's a DOA psu. Take it out of the case or leave it completely unplugged and turn it on. See if it works. If not, there's your problem. If not re-assemble the pc again. Mind the rams! See if it works.

It would be a sad waste if you give up here Sad. You got all the parts already.

RE: So I put it together - Optimus Burnstein - 08-04-2012

Alright, I tried putting the ram into slots 2 and 4. No changes. Did not include the graphics card this time and just plugged the hdmi cable straight into the motherboard. Nothing shows on the monitor still and the cpu fan stops after a second as well.

RE: So I put it together - Konvikt - 08-04-2012

Does the psu work?

RE: So I put it together - Optimus Burnstein - 08-04-2012

Well, I am not exactly sure what I should be seeing/looking for from your explanation of what to do from before. I took the psu out of the case and unplugged it from everything except the outlet. I turned it on and it did nothing. Should it be doing something if I turn it on but it is not plugged into any components?

I just connected it back to the mobo and the fan under the psu span for a little when I pressed the mobo on button. It stopped a couple seconds after the cpu cooler fan stopped if that helps.

RE: So I put it together - Konvikt - 08-04-2012

My gut tells me the psu fan should spin longer than that. Does this psu have an option where it stops cooling when the voltage/wattage/temp is low? Say below 20% load, no fan.

What exact psu do you have?

Found your build.

I deducted something else which might matter to you.


It's the Biostar mobo. There's something odd about the amount (too many) of 1 eggs there. All boards tend to die within weeks or are DOA. Ofcourse it's not definite. But my bet just changed onto your board. Do you have access to another board perhaps? A friend that can help you out?

RE: So I put it together - Optimus Burnstein - 08-04-2012

Well I have no spare parts myself but I will see if I can find something. If I am unable to, is there any other way to try and test the mobo?

Worst comes to worst, think I should just try to get a replacement from newegg? I guess I do not have any real proof that it is the mobo though, so not sure if they will take it back.

RE: So I put it together - Konvikt - 08-04-2012

If you can arrange for a spare pc, you can test the psu in there. If it works, then interchange all the parts if possible. GPU, sound, network shouldn't be the problem. Mobo/psu/ram/cpu are most likely the culprits. BSOD's happen due to faulty/unstable cpu mostly and you don't even get those.

You should get ahold of Newegg and if not, BioStar itself when you've run out of options.

From Newegg:

Manufacturer Response:

Sorry for inconvenience, please don't hesitate to contact with your case. Thank you

Remember that email! It could come in handy.

First build an running into a very nasty error. That's never motivating imho. You will have an awesome working rig after this!

RE: So I put it together - Optimus Burnstein - 08-04-2012

I decided to use my current pc to try out the psu. I plugged in the 24 prong-whatever-thing into the motherboard and plugged the hard drives as well on the new psu. Due to a fan just being completely in the way, I left the 4 prong cpu power cord (I think) from the old power supply plugged in (also I guess the optical drives were plugged into the old psu). It would not turn on. So my question is, should that set up work, or would the computer not allow itself to be turned on with 2 psu's powering different components?

The fan on the new psu would spin for a around 10-15 seconds before it stopped. Nothing came up on the screen. The front LED power button was flashing orange instead of staying green.