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dvd player troubles - thecheeseking - 06-28-2012

Ok so i've been building a sort of frankenstein computer out of some old parts, some second hand parts and a couple of new parts. Anyway as i was putting it together just now i noticed that the dvd drive is attached via a long wide flat cord. I had a quick look at my mobo and couldn't see any sockets with enough pins for this cord.

The cord has 39 pin slots if i count correctly.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte B75M-D3H

I have 2 dvd drives which i have in the machine (both seem to require this cable).

one is an LG GSA-H22N and the other is an Lite-On LH-20A1

Do i have to purchase a newer model dvd player or is there some work around to this?

thanks again guys,

RE: dvd player troubles - MathieuB - 06-28-2012

You'll need a PCI card that has an IDE (type of connection that your DVD drives use) port to use your DVD drives.

This will do the job:

RE: dvd player troubles - PwnBroker - 06-28-2012

never mind matt answered it. lol

RE: dvd player troubles - thecheeseking - 06-28-2012

Thanks for the quick reply, I suppose its probably better to just go for a new optical drive since they are only 20 bucks

RE: dvd player troubles - MathieuB - 06-28-2012

That would work too.

dvd player troubles - mwhals - 06-28-2012

Definitely get a new Sata DVD drive. The thinner cable will provide air flow benefits to the case.