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Fans and sound - berzurcus - 06-13-2012

Hey guys,

I built a computer about a few months back thanks to you guys and its been runing like a beauty.

Only a few little issues that really get on my nerves.

Fans are always on high. They are loud. On my old computer, they are controlled by what I am doing. So if I was just browsing the net, it would be really low where I cant hear it, and if I was doing something graphic intensive it would go louder etc...
My new comp I built is just always on high and loud. At first you guys said that it was because I connected the fans straight to the power supply which was true but even after I connected all fans to the Mobo, it still dident adjust the speed of the fans automatically.

When I want to change between my headphones and sound from my monitor, I need to go to >start>search 'sound'>then change the default sound output. Again, in my old computer, it used to be automatic. When I connect my headphones, the sounds stops coming from the monitor and goes through the headphones and vice versa, all automatically.

Why are these happening?
I updated all the software and everything.

Any ideas?

Cheers HR!

RE: Fans and sound - Trebor - 06-14-2012

two thoughts:
1) the fans are unable to be controlled by the Mobo or
2) perhaps you need to go into the settings for the motherboard- on the asus for example i can have different performance setting between quiet/low performance or high/high performance or a blend...

just my 2 cents...

RE: Fans and sound - ricky07652 - 06-15-2012

No, the problem is that you are not using a 4-pin PWM fan. That is the fan that is controlled by the mobo.
For your second simply just happens. No solution.

RE: Fans and sound - Kaid - 06-15-2012

1) Check your bios if fan control is enabled.
2) Check settings or re-install drivers.

RE: Fans and sound - MathieuB - 06-15-2012

Alternatively, you can get a fan controller to control all your fans.

Fans and sound - mwhals - 06-15-2012

(06-15-2012, 09:35 AM)MathieuB Wrote: Alternatively, you can get a fan controller to control all your fans.


I think this is the way to go in my opinion.

RE: Fans and sound - berzurcus - 06-16-2012

Thanks for all the replies guys. I'm gonna look into these and let you know.