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My build, complete! - isishhatesme - 01-07-2011

I put together my PC over the holidays, and I would like to say thankyou to Mathieu and the HR Community for all the help with deciding on components. The well rounded articles and great knowledge base gave me the confidence to have a go. And I haven't had to ask a lot of questions, because I find some one has already asked. I truly built "a remarkable custom computer and saved money in the process"!

My experience/highlights:

- RAM really does take some muscle to get in properly! I scratched my head for an hour wondering why I couldn't boot. Blush
- I started putting it together at about 8.30pm. This was a bad idea, as I got to bed at 4.30am! I'll remember to start in the morn next time.
- I sustained a pretty deep 1 inch cut up the back of my finger when opening the IO shield packaging. It's gonna scar! Awesome!

But all of that aside, I am 100% happy with my build! I have given it a weeks worth of stability tests with no issue. The best thing about it is that I know whats in the case, because I picked it and I put it in there.

Thanks again!

Proud owner of a new PC... almost

RE: My build, complete! - MathieuB - 01-07-2011

Congrats on the new PC, well done Big Grin

Yeah, those I/O panels can be nasty for cuts. On a lighter note, enjoy the new title Tongue

I'm curious though, why didn't you put the additional fan on the CPU heatsink instead? It would be much more effective there.

RE: My build, complete! - Phrosty - 01-07-2011

Nice. Did you bleed on any of the parts? Wink Glad to see it got all up and running without any major problems. It seems that one of the top things people seem to do is not shove the ram in there as hard as it needs to be. I remember when I was helping a friend we both were too afraid to push too hard.

RE: My build, complete! - Hogrock - 01-07-2011

(01-07-2011, 08:36 AM)isishhatesme Wrote: I truly built "a remarkable custom computer and saved money in the process"!

It's a nice feeling of accomplishment, isn't it? I haven't seen that case with a window before and it's really sweet looking. Congrats on the whole machine.

RE: My build, complete! - isishhatesme - 01-08-2011

I didnt get any blood on the PC, my medic (wife) was on hand to patch me up so i could soldier on into the night!

I didn't add the F12 to the cooler because I got a bit confused by the cooler having a 'low noise' resistor and I thought the F12 might mess with the cooler's fan if i daisy chained them. I've just realised that this resistor is optional. I'm gonna open it up and have another play tonight. Might as well use that PWM Sharing, right?. Big Grin Thanks!
(01-07-2011, 08:08 PM)Hogrock Wrote: I haven't seen that case with a window before and it's really sweet looking.

Yeah, it is. One great thing is the video card bracket thingo. It stops the card from drooping at the front, and it covers up the front panel and usb wires, which i don't like to look of anyway. Then all you can see is from that sweet looking video card upwards. Love it!