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First time build - ThePilot - 04-10-2012

So my mom's computer just died, and I'm gonna build her a new one. So I'm thinking about doing the current Web PC (The cheapest on the site) but using her old hard drives and disk drives instead. Are there any better prices and stuff out there now than what's on the site (It was last updated February, so I wanna make sure I get the best deals for today)

Also are there any other things I'll need to build the computer? Like...all internal cables and screws and such come with it right?


RE: First time build - Phrosty - 04-10-2012

Yeah all the cords and stuff come with everything. What kind of hard drives are the old ones?

RE: First time build - ThePilot - 04-11-2012

Well they're both old 40-pin IDE drives...will I need adapters and such? Or can I just use the cables from the old computer?


First time build - mwhals - 04-11-2012

Most new motherboards do not have IDE connections. You may need an add-on card to provide IDE connections. My recommendation would be to replace the HD and install the Operating system and software on it. Other files can be copied to it. Your old version of windows will not have the correct drivers on it for the new motherboard. A newer drive will likely be faster than your old drive due to better caching.

RE: First time build - ThePilot - 04-11-2012 getting a new drive really worth the cost of buying it and then buying stuff on top of that to get the data off the old drives? What type of adapter would I need to get the data off the drives?

What about the rest of the build? Are those still the best parts for the money?

Thanks again!

RE: First time build - MathieuB - 04-11-2012

There are still a few boards with IDE connections, such as this one:

Required cables and the like are included with the parts themselves.

You'll still need to re-install the OS though, due to the change in hardware.

The Web PC doesn't change much and is still up to date in my opinion.

RE: First time build - ThePilot - 04-11-2012

OK, thanks!! Smile Since that board is $50 more anyway, I might as well spend the $70 for a new HDD Smile