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What needs an update in what order? - cpanday228 - 04-05-2012

So I am practically almost finished with my PC build (signature below). I am curious on what updates should be done before I install the operating system or after?

My plan was just to install Windows then do all the updates on firmware, drivers, etc.

Wasn't going to backup my SSD yet because the only thing I would have to lose is Win 7, I can install it again if data is lost.

RE: What needs an update in what order? - Larriman - 04-05-2012

sounds good but make sure you install PhysX, i know it's an nvidia exclusive but some games still need it installed to run (metro 2033, bulletstorm, etc.) i wouldn't miss cpu-z and gpu-z either. might be a good idea to download a benchmark such as furmark and leave a burn-in test over night just to make sure the PSU isn't bad or anything.

just a side question whats the keyboard like? i'm considering getting one and have been getting mixed comments on it, thanks


RE: What needs an update in what order? - mwhals - 04-06-2012

I always update the motherboard's bios first. I then install the operating system along with hardware drivers and apply all of the OS updates second, including hardware driver updates. I then install Microsoft Office and install its updates. I then install Adobe software and do their updates. After that, the rest of the software can be installed in any order as they usually don't have as much updates as the previously mentioned software. After everything is installed and I have my "internet favorites" and "my documents" pointing to my storage drive along with my data restored, I do a complete ISO backup of they system.

RE: What needs an update in what order? - ichigeki - 04-07-2012

Be careful about updating the MOBO. I don't recommend updating unless it directly addresses one of your issues.

As for me, all I do is install LAN, then activate administrator account and delete others, then install graphics, and finally sound. Software comes last for me.