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pics. of a first build - CRF250Roland - 03-27-2012

You know, I built a tier7ish. a year or so ago and this thing is sweet! and still have yet to find a way to post pics. of it . I'm proud of it and have oced cpu and flashed 6950 to a 6970 and love it . Thanks Mat!

RE: pics. of a first build - XXLaw - 03-27-2012

To post a picture by hosting it on somewhere like then when you are posting look above the typing box where the options are like 'center text' 'bold' etc on the right you will see a little picture that says 'Insert image' when hovering over it. Just click it and put in the link you got @ imageshack when you hosted the image. If you got any more questions regarding image uploading you can just PM me.