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Scratchy, chippy audio. - Fozes - 03-01-2012

When I listen to audio from the motherboard jack, the sound is similar to vinyl scratch on old records, if that is specific enough.
I've updated drivers and codecs, and the distortion remains.
It's persistent through games, movies, music, everything.

The mobo in question is

I've been suggested to buy a sound card, will this alleviate the problem? If so, can anyone recommend me one?

Thank you for your time.

RE: Scratchy, chippy audio. - MathieuB - 03-01-2012

It's most likely a problem with the audio jack itself. Have you tried using the audio through the "front panel", aka the case front audio jack?

If that sounds just as bad, if you're within the 30 days of purchase to exchange the motherboard, that's an option.

A sound card would fix the issue. I'd recommend the ASUS DG, an excellent low-cost(~$30) sound card, that comes with an headphone amplifier:

RE: Scratchy, chippy audio. - FreekishPC - 03-01-2012

what kinda of headset,speakers do you use? I'm not say its them,but they may be the reason your sound went fubar...

in my old PC i used integrated sound and i had cheap $10 speakers that killed it...i went and bought the Asus Xonar DG,the one Mathieu suggested above,and i liked it so much when i build my new gaming pc,i bought another one