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Computer Repair Question - krazz619 - 02-29-2012

So I recently came to the problem where my computer decided to not start. It's a pretty old computer, 4-5 years, but it's just weird how one day it was working and next it wasn't. So my question to the people is, does anyone know a place where I can take my computer to get looked at for free and decide if I want to pay for them to repair or do it on my own?

I live in CA so keep it in there.
And as far as I know about my problem, my computer simply won't start. Not lights come up and no sounds are made. I took it apart, cleaned, put it all back together just like how it was and still nothing. Also any suggestion that I can do at home are appreciated but a professional would be nice to go to.

RE: Computer Repair Question - ichigeki - 02-29-2012

Do you have another power supply? Try testing with that to see if all you need a new power supply. Sorry, sort of not what you wanted. Tongue

RE: Computer Repair Question - pedwards - 02-29-2012

I had exactly that same problem with my old rig about a year ago. I have to tell ya.. yeap.. it happens. And it happens exactly as you describe. Just poof... nothing works. And 4-5 years is not too shabby, considering PSU quality has really improved over the years. I think mine was 4 years when it died.

My guess is that the only way you'll be able to know, is to "borrow" another PSU or take the plunge and buy one.

Here's your second "sorry". Smile

RE: Computer Repair Question - krazz619 - 02-29-2012

Alright well I wanted/needed a new computer anyways, just seeing if there is a place. Thanks guys