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Overclocking Help - Pineappl - 01-14-2012


Was wondering if any of you have a bit of overclocking experience, this was my first PC build and first time overclocking so got a few questions. My specs are listed in my signature below.

When running Prime95 to stress test the stability of my machine is it normal for CPU-Z to report a lower CPU speed while it's running? For example, I have the CPU set for 4.5 ghz but when prime95 is running it'll shuffle from 3.9 to 4.2, it only shows 4.5 at the very beginning of the test. However, it does show 4.5 when i'm playing a game or something.

I'm having trouble overclocking past 4.5 ghz. I can set the multiplier to 45, and leave the Vcore on Auto and I have ran Prime95 for almost 3 hours with no issues. Temps run around 50-55C with Prime95 running. Idle Temps are ~30C.

Once I up the multiplier to 46 I run into issues, I have tried different Vcore values between 1.3-1.35. After Vcore 1.315 windows will boot but if I run Prime95 it'll freeze and BSOD.

Are there any other values that are safe to tinker with that could help? A guide mentioned the VCCIO Voltage and the VCCSA Voltage. Although it mentioned values that my VCCSA was already at, and I couldn't find VCCIO in my BIOS.

Am I just limited but how well the cpu happens to perform? I know not everyone can get the same results. I just feel like my Silver Arrow is overkill at this point Sad. I was hoping to get to 4.8 ghz, it was just a target goal I set for myself, although I'm pretty sure I'll be fine with 4.5ghz.

If you have any other information or know of places to look that would be helpful too, thanks.

RE: Overclocking Help - MathieuB - 01-15-2012

The CPU frequency going up or down is most due to you not turning off a CPU option in the BIOS/UEFI. That is most likely limiting your overclock too.

Do NOT leave Vcore on auto. Many motherboards will feed the CPU too much voltage, which can damage your CPU.

Take a look at this guide, it indicates what to turn off and what to keep on:

Getting to 4.5GHz or so is relatively easy. Eventually, you hit a wall, at which point you need to try different settings until you find the right ones that will allow you to move beyond that wall.

Moving this thread to Talk & Deals.

RE: Overclocking Help - Pineappl - 01-15-2012

Hmm, another guide I was using said to Disable Internal PLL Overvoltage.

One thing I noticed is there are separate lines for Turbo Boost Multiplier and Turbo Boost Vcore. Do you know any guides that talk about whether those can or should be touched?

Edit: Does anyone know the ASRock P67 E4 G3 equivalents of these settings? I can't find them in the BIOS.

Limit CPUID Maximum
Power Technology
OverSpeed Protection

Execute Disable Bit

Thanks for the reply.