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White flashes with Cursor movement - Pineappl - 01-02-2012

It isn't really a problem, it's more of a question to see if anyone can figure out what it is or why this happens.

When I move my cursor really fast to the bottom left corner of my screen (past the windows start button) my screen blinks white flashes. But if I move it over there really slowly it doesn't happen. Does anyone know what this is or why it happens? I mean I don't have the problem that much cause I'm not constantly moving in that corner it's just weird. My computer specs are in my signature.

Update: I recently went into my BIOS to turn of Spread Spectrum because it was causing my BLCK to show up as 99.8 instead of 100. Well after turning it off I've realized this issue is no longer occurring. Very weird, unless you understand what Spread Spectrum does, which I don't.


RE: White flashes with Cursor movement - Phrosty - 01-02-2012

Hmm I have been trying to recreate the problem on my own machine and I cannot seem to do it. I also did some google searches and I couldn't find anything either. Very puzzling.