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Issue with Audio - tonypizzle - 11-29-2011

i just installed my new video card Smile. thanks to the help on this forum.

something strange is happening though(probably unrelated). i'm getting a weird static sound that emits from my speakers especially when I'm playing a game. i've got the sound coming through my headphones just fine (usb headphones) but the computer speakers i have are emitting a static noise that wasn't present before. it's really annoying. its almost as if the interference from inside my computer is coming through the speaker. its like the static is being caused by the fan on the vid card? is that even possible?

i know this question is strange but please help! also i keep getting notifications that my speakers are being plugged in and out and in and out. so something seems to be up.

RE: Issue with Audio - MathieuB - 11-29-2011

Moving this to the troubleshooting forum.

Where are your speakers plugged? On the back of the motherboard or the front of the case?

I'd check to see if the front panel connection to the motherboard is loose perhaps.

RE: Issue with Audio - tonypizzle - 12-01-2011

i plug it in directly into motherboard in the back. the problem strangely only occurs when im playing a game. i watch videos and listen to music with no issues but when i fire up a game i get this very strange static sound through the speakers. i will try to move some of the power cables around and make sure nothing is touching something it shouldnt be.

if the problem persists ill post up a video of what the sound is like and when it starts to happen.

RE: Issue with Audio - ichigeki - 12-01-2011

Do you have a simple 3.5mm earphone/headphone to test with? I doubt it has anything to do with drivers but I'd still check.

RE: Issue with Audio - tonypizzle - 12-05-2011

ok strangely enough, the sound does not emit through the headphones i tested out. but they do still emit from the speakers. its really strange because its only when i start up a game.

RE: Issue with Audio - ichigeki - 12-05-2011

Do you have a setup of 2 speakers? Though I've never heard of it causing a buzzing noise, it could be that your game is configured to play through more speakers but you only have 2. Look through your game menu to see if manually setting it to stereo or headphones fixes the buzz. Also, make sure you don't have any device that is sending wireless signals next to your speakers. You said it only occurs when gaming, so I highly doubt that that is the case, but its worth trying.