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SAMSUNG 1TB - $80!!!! - Pineappl - 11-28-2011

GET THIS ASAP!! From Newegg

I've been price checking this for over a month now. It's $80 down from $150 and I assure you this is the best price you will find in a while, unless somewhere else is giving the same deal

RE: SAMSUNG 1TB - $80!!!! - MathieuB - 11-28-2011

Nice find! I agree that this is the best deal that you'll find on one of the fastest and most reliable hard drive available on the market, that I recommend all over the place.

Buy now, now now now! Big Grin

RE: SAMSUNG 1TB - $80!!!! - ApexBoost - 11-28-2011

Thanks for posting, I think I'm going to snag one. I posted a comment on the Cyber Monday Deals post with this as well.

RE: SAMSUNG 1TB - $80!!!! - MathieuB - 11-28-2011

Yeah, I saw that. Edited the post to add this deal.

RE: SAMSUNG 1TB - $80!!!! - MathieuB - 11-28-2011

Sold out. It was bound to happen at that price.

Alternatively, you can get the Seagate 500GB for $70, Hitachi 1TB for $90 and the Seagate 2TB 5,400rpm for $150 with promo codes at Tiger Direct. More details here:

RE: SAMSUNG 1TB - $80!!!! - ApexBoost - 11-28-2011

GRRRR, just got home from class to get it ordered and missed it. I should have known this was going to happen. Oh well, I'll grab an SSD to get me by and use my external in the mean time.