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A new build. - Hogrock - 12-16-2010

My mother has been using a Pentium 4 Dell laptop and it's just painfully outdated. She seems to be using it more and more these days as she's gotten into facebook and actually plays a couple games. For Christmas I figured I'd build her a decent machine since newegg had an awesome deal on on OEM Phenom II x3.

AMD Phenom II X3 740 Black Edition Heka 3.0GHz - $68.99
COOLER MASTER DK9 cpu Cooler - $10.99
Foxconn A74ML-K 3.0 AM3 AMD 740G Micro ATX - $44.99
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) - $49.99
PowerColor Radeon HD 3450 512MB - $24.99
LITE-ON DVD Writer - $19.99
Seagate Barracuda 500GB - $39.99
SeaSonic SS-300ET Bronze - $39.99
LIAN LI PC-V351A Silver Aluminum - $89.99

It's tough to work inside the case. Doing the cable management was a pain.
[Image: comp1.jpg]
[Image: comp2.jpg]
[Image: comp3.jpg]
[Image: comp4.jpg]
[Image: comp5.jpg]
[Image: comp6.jpg]

RE: A new build. - Adam - 12-16-2010

Sharp build!!! Great job in a confined case!

RE: A new build. - Frank - 12-16-2010

Awesome job, nice and compact.

And good job on the wires. A few days ago I pryed open the case on my current computer and facepalmed at how bad the wires were organized, gotta get in there some time and reorganize them cause I want to keep this machine alive until it finally kicks the bucket.

RE: A new build. - Hogrock - 12-17-2010

I'm in awe of how quiet this little thing is. 3 case fans + the cpu and psu fans and it's almost silent. I call my HAF 932 "quiet" but I think I might just have toned out jet engine computer fans over a lifetime of sitting next to them.
I got a manly 30FPS out of Half-Life 2 which is more gaming power than this thing will ever need. As long as it can run Bejewled I think my mother will be content.

RE: A new build. - Perrywinkle - 12-17-2010

(12-17-2010, 12:41 AM)Hogrock Wrote: As long as it can run Bejewled I think my mother will be content.

Probbly could put it on highest graphics settings too! Big Grin