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Post your desktops - Phrosty - 10-29-2011

Rules: It must be appropriate for all ages. Pictures breaking that simple rule will be removed and you will receive a warning.

It can be either a screenshot of your desktop or the actual image that you used. That being said feel free to post any size because they are automatically resized anyways Wink

I will go first.

[Image: abstract_music_headphones-wide.jpg]

RE: Post your desktops - Benjamin D. - 10-29-2011

[Image: capturertn.png]

I use a modified version of the "City Lights" theme from the Microsoft theme site. I've set the slideshow feature to change all the pictures every 24 hours and to shuffle them. I've also disabled sounds and have no desktop icons {I feel it distracts from the beauty of the image Shy}. Great theme with beautiful photography from Seattle and Vancouver.

RE: Post your desktops - MathieuB - 10-29-2011

[Image: 293664_10150796092515057_574290056_20487...0815_n.jpg]

I took this picture in July, when I was gone on vacations to Prince Edward Island (Province in Canada).

RE: Post your desktops - Phrosty - 10-29-2011

Why not one of my phone "desktops" Wink

[Image: 20111029192305.jpg]
[Image: 20111029192319.jpg]

RE: Post your desktops - valetudo025 - 12-29-2011

I keep getting the error

Please correct the following errors before continuing:
The file you attached is too large. The maximum size for that type of file is 150 kilobytes.

easiest way to post pics? i thought they got automatically re sized?

RE: Post your desktops - MathieuB - 12-29-2011

They do get re-sized, but there's a 150kb size limit so that images don't take all the available bandwidth ($$). A reasonably sized picture usually is below that limit.

Easiest way is to upload them on Facebook, Imageshack first and then post them here.

RE: Post your desktops - valetudo025 - 12-31-2011

ok, let me try this again...
I'm rocking the old school ATI logo since i'm also rocking a new HD5870 in my new build Cool

Post your desktops - van13330gg - 01-01-2012

[Image: goodnight-endeavour.jpg]

My laptops wallpaper.

RE: Post your desktops - Avaz21 - 01-13-2012

My desktop wallpaper. The original size is 1920x1080. Photobucket downsized it, and linking to it here shrinks it some more. It loses a certain measure of "oomph". Trust me, it looks much cooler at full size. Tongue

[Image: 7-steampunk-wallpaper.jpg]

RE: Post your desktops - Phrosty - 03-12-2012

This is my new desktop. My girlfriend laughed so hard when she saw it because I love onions.

[Image: c9fe65_1386557.jpg]