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Samsung F3 1TB - John A. - 12-16-2010

Currently at Newegg, the 1TB Samsung F3 is at the nice price of $54.99. The same, exact, price, as the 500GB...

Ugh I am quite mad I got the 500GB, price just had to go down the day after I purchase everything. D:

But eh, figure everyone should know about this.

Now excuse me while I grumble at myself, in disappointment.

RE: Samsung F3 1TB - EmptyAy - 12-16-2010

Well, I just bought this exact HDD for $70 yesterday. I did send in an Iron Egg request, though, and found it a bit humorous when I filled out the Competitor Name field.

RE: Samsung F3 1TB - Adam - 12-16-2010

The 1 TB Samsung Spinpoint that I ordered on Friday, and got today, has dropped $10 in price since my order... just the nature of the beast Smile

RE: Samsung F3 1TB - MathieuB - 12-16-2010

Nice to see that NewEgg finally adjusted their price, it has been $55 on Amazon for quite a while now.

RE: Samsung F3 1TB - Retavoh - 12-16-2010

I ordered the 500gb LAST NIGHT. Then I see the update today, and the 1tb is down to $55. Drives me crazy because there's nothing I can do about it. I did get the MSI one though, found that by myself.

RE: Samsung F3 1TB - Frank - 12-17-2010

>Go to F3 1TB on Newegg
>Sold out

Aw man.

RE: Samsung F3 1TB - Retavoh - 12-17-2010

Yeah I actually called to see if I could return my 500gb and get the 1tb and avoid a restocking fee but right as I got off hold on the phone and looked at the page it was sold out. I felt like an idiot and had to hang up. And you'll notice, once Newegg's goes out of stock, the price on Amazon immediately bumps to $61. Pretty interesting.