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Howdy from Texas - Paulsim - 10-11-2011

Hi. I meant to post here first but completely forgot. My name is Paul. I live in Pearland, just outside of Houston where we don't believe in winter. I have a wife, dog and step son which I love in that order. I sim race a little at but not as much as I used to back in the old days. I recently went back to school to study electronics which has been a good move. I play guitar a little but mainly just to pass the time.

I found this site while searching for info on my second build. So while I am not a complete newb I still feel like one. My first build is still going strong (after burning through a few PSUs) but want to upgrade as my frame rates get worse with each new game which is what I mainly do with my computer. There seems to be a few good titles coming out so I think it's a good time to build.nd

I don't know how much help I can be but will stick around and see what happens.

And thanks to all who that contribute to this site. It is a great source!

RE: Howdy from Texas - ApexBoost - 10-11-2011

Welcome to the forums!

RE: Howdy from Texas - MathieuB - 10-11-2011

" where we don't believe in winter."
Hah! I wish I could say the same, but that's a bit tougher when you live in Canada haha.

Welcome to the forums, looking forward to your build Big Grin

RE: Howdy from Texas - Syracrosis - 10-17-2011