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2500k build - joshlete - 10-09-2011

My recent budget was only $300 as I did not even have any money at that moment. I kept upping and upping what I want until I got a certain loving with the computer. This is going to be my build log as it is not completely done yet and I will be editing it while I finish it more.

Bought this for sale for $44.99. Great deal for a great case! So happy with it.

Happy Birthday to me!!!
I bought 4 new parts for my build
Got it on sale for $189.99 at NCIXUS website. Big Grin
8 gigs for $49.99 and G.SKILL. I am super glad with my purchase!
It is an older generation, but it still has very good qualities. I got free 2 day shipping so I do not have to pay $8 shipping. Yay!
500 gigs, 7200RPM, sata 6gb/s for $44.99? I think so!

4 parts I purchased, on my birthday! Cant complain about that!

So far, I only have a few more parts to purchase. My next one will definitely be a PSU, but I need to get some more cash for that.

I will be buying this within the few weeks.

GTX 560 ti
(I wont be purchasing this for a few months since I will be able to use the built in GPU of the CPU)

CPU Cooler
Coolmaster Hyper 212 Plus
I wont be overclocking for a while, so I don't absolutely need this yet, though I will definitely be getting it.

120MM fan to put on the side of the case. I wont be getting this till I get the new GPU.

Thermal Paste
I really don't know if I should buy some of that 99.99% arctic silver paste. I am not sure how well the TIM from the hyper 212 will work. What do you guys think, is it needed?

So far that is all that I will be getting. No I don't want a DVD drive, they are old technology. Pictures will be coming when I get all the parts needed and pictures while I build. I may not be taking pictures for a couple weeks most likely though.

This will be my first official custom computer I build. I know how to build computers and such. I have always messed with my recent computer with adding new parts and such, so that will not be an issue. I cannot wait till I get all my parts!

RE: 2500k build - Andrew J - 10-11-2011

All your links are broken I'm afraid.

RE: 2500k build - joshlete - 10-12-2011

Sorry about that. I fixed them up.

RE: 2500k build - MathieuB - 10-12-2011

Moving this to the main Talk & Deals forums.

RE: 2500k build - joshlete - 10-12-2011

Not that I really care, but why was it moved?

RE: 2500k build - MathieuB - 10-13-2011

Well, it was in the "Pictures/specs of your newly built PC" forums and as far as I can tell, I don't see any pictures or specs of a newly built PC.

RE: 2500k build - joshlete - 10-13-2011

Ok, I guess I should of posted when I have every items then.
I should be getting my PSU tomorrow. I can finally turn on my computer!!!

RE: 2500k build - MathieuB - 10-19-2011

Yay Big Grin

By the way, why are you saying that your motherboard is "an older generation"? It's pretty cutting-edge if you ask me.

RE: 2500k build - joshlete - 10-19-2011

Lol yeah I figured that out after a while. At first, I was going to get the P67 extreme4 and that they were newer generations. It was nice figuring out it was a new generation motherboard. Big Grin