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recommend graphics card list - shystie1 - 09-23-2011

Often you see a minimum and recommend settings for games and program and it's pretty straight forward with CPU. Operating System, Memory, HDD (Storage Space), Sound Card, Input Device (Keyboard & Mouse) and Optical Drive (DVD, CD or Blu-ray) but it's not quit as simple to know if a particular Graphic Card(s) is sufficient to run something.

Is there a list or something that gives ranking of particular Graphic Cards so see where a particular card rankcomparedrd to others? For example a Gamminimumurecommendnd settings are Graphic Card Orange (I'm making up a name) and you have Graphic Card Blue which is ranked 2 spots above Orange so you'r OK but the guy with Graphic Card Red is 1 spot below Orange so that guy either needs to upgrade or won't be able to play the game.

I can't see how the average person would know this stuff walking into a store looking for new PC game. Yes they tell you the required DIRECTX and ram but I'm looking for easy list to give to a friend or such. Somthing on the order of this

Just curious and thought I'd ask. Thanks

RE: recommend graphics card list - sasikanth8 - 09-23-2011

this may help you,2964-7.html

RE: recommend graphics card list - ApexBoost - 09-23-2011

Here's a list Mathieu put together:

RE: recommend graphics card list - FirstTimeBuilder - 09-23-2011

I'm not sure if this list would be of any help to you, but it's got Render and OpenGL scores in relation with (basic) computer setup information (graphic card, CPU, OS) :

RE: recommend graphics card list - shystie1 - 09-29-2011

Sorry I was unable to get back sooner.

Thanks for the information but still not quit what I was looking for but still it's a lot of great stuff.

Thanks again everyone.