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Newegg Customer? Read this. - Perrywinkle - 12-13-2010

Make sure to go recheck your items you got on newegg. I wrote to them on my items that went down in price a few days after I got them, (Up to 1 month later i think.) and they are going to refund me the diffrence on the items. Thought I would give everyone the heads up.

RE: Newegg Customers - Hogrock - 12-13-2010

Is there a specific email that you sent this request or is it just the generic customer service one?

RE: Newegg Customers - Perrywinkle - 12-14-2010

There is a "Iron Egg garentee" section and it will show you where to go to put in a claim.

RE: Newegg Customers - EmptyAy - 12-14-2010

That's awesome, I would have never even thought of this, so thanks for posting. I'll be sure to save my parts list and check back at least once a week.

RE: Newegg Customers - Perrywinkle - 12-14-2010

They also have a list of other websites they will honor for price matching.

RE: Newegg Customers - Adam - 12-14-2010

Sweet! I'll check back every few days and compare prices to what I just bought! Thanks!

RE: Newegg Customer? Read this. - Geran Brown - 12-17-2010

It looks like this is only good during the holiday season.

RE: Newegg Customer? Read this. - Perrywinkle - 12-17-2010

All items over the holiday were "Iron Egg'ed" but afterwards the actuall item would have to be tagged as such.

RE: Newegg Customer? Read this. - Jilow - 12-18-2010

On my graphic card, Zanthal also bought this graphics card,, the price went down 10 dollars, I don't know if it'll go down further but that's what it's at now.

Go to your account and do a search for Iron Egg in Newegg it'll take you to the place you need to fill out the form. Or follow this link:

Thanks Perry, you just got me 10 bucks, I wonder how they'll send it, prepaid visa or something.

Edit: I sent in the request and they replied to me, and apparently even though I bought on Cyber Monday, November 29th, my item wasn't Iron Egg'ed, maybe that's not part of the holiday season. Heads up!

RE: Newegg Customer? Read this. - HrvPwnsYou - 01-17-2011

Yup, they credited me $10 for an item I'd bought earlier even though it was only a promo code sale... YaaaaY! Wink