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The PC of Slagathor - Slagathor - 08-21-2011

Hey all,
I finally decided to get around to posting my computer on here, as I was making a lot of changes since I originally joined.
Long story short, I won a new computer, built it, didn't like the new case, and then had to move everything back into the old case. It has all been a very arduous process.
I know the GTX 260 looks out of place amidst the more recent things, but I plan on buying a 580 very soon. And the wiring is slightly better than the last picture shows, but I didn't go to any great lengths to hide the cables whatsoever. They're not blocking any fans, so I'm cool with it.

New and old:
Everything on the right side was free except for the RAM, I felt 4 GB wasn't enough

New heatsink compared to stock coolers:
Wasn't anticipating it being so massive!

RE: The PC of Slagathor - Brian - 08-21-2011

I approve of the Silver Arrow. I have it too. It's HUGE lol.

RE: The PC of Slagathor - Phrosty - 08-21-2011

Looks awesome Smile

RE: The PC of Slagathor - Slagathor - 08-21-2011

Figured I might want to show the whole setup.

This is an older picture, so the innards aren't the same, but everything looks the same, minus the tiny speakers cuz I sold those after getting the much larger and awesomer speakers that they sit on top of in this.

The subwoofer/receiver that cannot be used right now seeing as my parents' room is right below me.

RE: The PC of Slagathor - jangelelcangry - 08-21-2011

Nice system. 2.1 Awesomeness.Big Grin