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3rd hard disk error!? - laxfreak3557 - 06-04-2011


I built a computer last summer based off recommendations from this site. It was the $500 gaming build. The computer works great except for one glitch. On reboot it often gives me a 3rd master hard disk error, or it will give me disk read error. In the past i have simply rebooted the computer until it eventually loaded windows. I would then run chkdsk and usually the computer would run alright for awhile. Just today it failed to boot like it occasionally does but to my dismay it would not boot no matter how many times i tried to reboot. I eventually opened up the case and changed the sata port my hard drive was connected to. It booted on the first try. Does this mean my mother board is bad? I'm still new to computers and this is a very frustrating error. Any help will be greatly appreciated

RE: 3rd hard disk error!? - van13330gg - 06-04-2011

Hey and welcome to the forum! Does the problem still persists when you put the sata cable back to its original spot?

RE: 3rd hard disk error!? - Andrew J - 06-05-2011

It may have been a loose SATA cable, or some of your motherboard's SATA ports are flaky.

RE: 3rd hard disk error!? - laxfreak3557 - 06-05-2011

I need to try and reboot with the sata in the original port. When finals week is over i will tinker with it some. I just need my computer to write some final papers! And i suspect it is possible that the sata ports may be flaky. It is a fairly basic ASrock mobo so not necessarily the best quality . . .