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CPU Temps - Garfeild14 - 06-04-2011

I'm idling at about 46c With side on with side off its about 39c, I have a box fan on it atm. Ran prime 95 and it started going into the 60's and I stopped it at about 64c and it was still climbing. Im thinking of buying hyper 212+ is this a logical course of action. I have an athlon II 445.

RE: CPU Temps - Andrew J - 06-04-2011

Those temps sound about normal for a stock cooler. Getting a Hyper 212+ will greatly reduce your temperatures.

RE: CPU Temps - Garfeild14 - 06-04-2011

Ty for quick response. There are 2 temps core and CPU which one should I watch as far as keeping my system safe. Cause cores (with the box fan blowing into it) is 29c. CPU is at 39c with the fan blowing in. And you said those are normal temps, I just want stability and if it doesn't break im fine.

RE: CPU Temps - MathieuB - 06-04-2011

These temps are fine, especially considering that Prime95 really loads up those CPU cores. Anything below 70C for a short period of time isn't problematic.

I suggest taking a look at temps when playing a game or a 1080p video. Those are more realistic scenarios than running a synthetic program.