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Full Version: MSI P67A-G45 - power 'blip' only
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Putting together the P67A-G45 Motherboard, Corsair 750W P/S and the I5-2500 CPU.

Problem/Symptom - I get a moment of power only - system then cycles power, over and over until the power supply is turned off.

All fans get power, power switch works on p/s and front panel. I see 1 blue light on m/b when powered on (for about 1/4 of a second).

Have performed the following:
Separated m/b from case for possible grounding problem
tried another p/s I have
reseated CPU
Disconnected everything - one at a time- Down only to the cpu & fans at this point
Cleared the Cmos on the m/b

Symptom is the same - a moment of power when I push the switch and then it powers off - then back on (by itself) momentarily... it'll continue doing just that until I shut off the power supply.

I could use any help with this I can get.
Considering that you've tried all those steps without any success already, I would be inclined to say that your motherboard is most likely defective and needs to be exchanged.
On an old computer I had, there was a problem with it not turning on on the first try. I had to keep switching the PSU lever to off and then on and push the power button to get it to boot. I replaced the watch looking battery on the motherboard (It's silver and about the size of a quarter) and that fixed the problem. Maybe it'll help?
OP, did you ever resolve this issue? If so, what was the resolution? I am having the same problem.