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Full Version: Win 7 to Win 10 upgrade gone???
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I just completed a new build for my sister and she wanted Windows 10 on it. I had an old copy of Win 7 Home premium laying around so I used it and planned on doing the upgrade to Win 10.

Now it looks like the free upgrade is gone!!! How did I miss this news? Is there anyway to still get the Upgrade without buying Win 10?
Apparently there may be still a few workarounds, I'd use Google in this case.
yeah you can still get it thru the assistive technologies link. MS is not asking any questions and to be honest, with their update server fiasco i think they should have extended the deadline.

one thing about your win7 copy. it will have to be fully updated before you can upgrade to win10. if and when it gets stuck on the "find updates" there are a couple of things you need to load. there are 2 KB updates and then you will need to download the convenience rollup package. this will update everything so you can upgrade. you can google the convenience rollup and read how to load those packages.