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Full Version: AOC ultra wide monitor
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now this looks interesting at a price id be willing to pay, albeit it is only 1080p vertical.

toms gave it rave reviews as far as gaming on it.
Still, 35" wide. But yeah, after going with 4K (Dell P2715Q IPS 3840 x 2160), I can't see myself going back to 1080 vertical.

Also, no adjustments (height, etc.) and no VESA mount are deal breakers for me.
yeah i hear ya. hopefully their pricing on this will affect the pricing on acer and benq ultrawide qhd models. i was hoping this one was a no frills 3440x1440p and was disappointed when i read the review.
Yeah was going to say, it seems nice to have more real estate, but surprised about the 1080 with that size monitor.

Having the extra vertical for multitasking is now a must for me and even my old view sonic seems Mickey Mouse in comparison / kid like for the text I can fit in the vertical.

The 160Hz may be nice too, but honestly with the Gsync I don't notice that my predator is only 100hz. Never had a hiccup.

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