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Full Version: Would an i3-4160 bottleneck a gtx 950?
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Would an i3-4160 bottleneck a gtx 950?

With 8gb ram, what fps could I play fallout 4 with?
an i3 will not bottleneck a 950.

with an i7-6700 and a 950 you could expect about 50 fps on average on ultra settings. with an i3 you can expect a bit less than that so adjust your detail settings until you get to your desired frame rate. with fallout 4 the i3 is the minimum(4 threads) that that game will run on. with that said i dont see a problem with your combo running it smoothly on high and maybe dialed down ultra settings.

good luck
Hi Copper905,

Wow, good question. I think the answer is, perhaps, but not that you'll notice. There may be points that it will be CPU limited, but 99% of the time it will be the GPU.

From reviews I've read on Fallout 4, it should be playable on med-high settings at 1080p @ 30fps, but the game is indeed resource intensive and will take a decent amount of the CPU and GPU. It does favor more cores vs HT, but you should have a good pairing with the i3-4160 with the 950 as the single thread performance is very good at it's 3.6GHz (I noticed it's even the recommended for tier 2). I just checked a YouTube video with a i3-4160 and an 750ti, and it held it's own at 30fps.

For future proofing and avoiding bottle necking with CPU intensive games, you can always upgrade the CPU to a Core i5 and i7 series later without issue.

Are you asking because you are looking to invest in the CPU, the GPU or both?

EDIT: I see PwnBroker posted at the same time I did, and although I think his response is as good as gold... I'll stick to my guns here from everything I've read. Smile Anyway, same output at the end. You'll be playable at 1080 although not necessarily on ultra.

and i might add if you havent bought the 950 yet i would look at maybe the 960 as there has been some very good sales going on. like ped said and what i tried to explain in my post is that these newer games are becoming more bottlenecked with these lower end cpu's more so than the gpu being bottlenecked by the cpu as least for mid tier gpus's. with dx12 around the corner the more real cores the better(up to 6 anyway).

to be honest, maybe it is just me, but i cant tell the difference in image quality on this game between low and ultra.

good luck
+1 to the comment on the 960.

Yeah the whole DX12 thing is making me hesitate big time on the next upgrade. Originally skylake was time for me, but the whole number of cores dynamic changes things for the future. Exciting but wow, dx12 is a new world.

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Ok thanks everyone! This is more a budget-based build so... I'm not really sure if I have enough for the 960--Best performance for the cost is what I'm looking for basically.