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Full Version: Finally getting my butt in gear
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After initial posting two years ago, I'm finally going to be building a new PC. Been playing multiplayer Terraria, and my Dell PC (purchased in 2006 with some subsequent upgrades) is dragging real bad.

Thinking of going mid-range with a Tier 5 rig. Here is a brief list of what I'd like to play:

1. Terraria, also hosting multiple players for private games.
2. Europa Universalis 4.
3. Crusader Kings 2
4. Elite: Dangerous (seems like it could be rough to run)
5. Ultimately, something like Fallout 4.

Am I asking for too much? Seems like Tier 5 should be able to handle this.

Also, any additional options for cases beyond the one recommended by our esteemed host?

Thanks for any suggestions!

What's the resolution of the monitor that you intend to play on? If it's 1920 x 1080 (1080p/Full HD), Tier 5 should have no problem running those games with high/max details. Unless you want very high FPS for a 120/144HZ monitor, in which case Tier 7 would be more appropriate.

For alternative cases, look at the Budget Gaming PC and High-End Gaming PCs article.

For Tier 5, I recommend a Micro-ATX motherboard and an all-in-one water cooling system with a 120mm radiator. So pretty much any case that supports Micro-ATX motherboards, a video card with a length of 9.5in - 241.3mm and has a 120mm fan mount would make for a fine choice.
Thanks for the reply. It is greatly appreciated.

Right now, my monitor, which I plan on sticking with at the moment, is 1920x1080. Tier 7 is definitely interesting, but a bit rich for my budget.
Yeah, Tier 5 will have no problem with your monitor. The main difference, with respect to gaming, is the video cards. The rest is includes storage, nicer cases, etc...If you want to spend a bit more on future-proofing, you could leave most of the build unchanged, but grab a higher-tier video card. Just make sure you have room, and a higher tier Power Supply to back it up.

Tier 5 should let you max out all those games and whatever comes out for the next couple years just fine. Occasionally turn down the "Anti Aliasing (AA)" (Google it) when you have a performance dip.

If you want to get more adventurous, you could leave the Tier 5 as-is, but swap in the recommended SLI motherboard below. That would let you drop in a 2nd Video Card down the road. Only problem is the tech and amount of VRAM may be low by the time you buy the 2nd card, but having the option is still nice.