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Full Version: NVIDIA Shield Tablet + NVIDIA Grid = Amazing
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Not sure if anyone has looked into this yet, but NVIDIA just launched their game streaming service called "Grid". Shield and Shield Tablet owners get the service for free until June. I recently picked up a Shield Tablet, with a HDMI to mini cable and a wireless controller, and man, if they market this right, it could be something.

Home streaming has been around for a while, NVIDIA had their own shield thing and Steam Streaming is pretty functional, but Grid is completely different. You're not streaming from you own library or home PC, you're streaming directly from the "cloud". (Which I'm assuming is some server farm with a bunch of GeForce GPUs.)

You don't have to install or purchase any of the games locally on the tablet, you just stream them right over the network. The rendering is all done on the server-side. The quality is on par with PS4 and Xbox 360 (It's usually set to 720p with x16 AA. Not sure why). You throw in a HDMI cable, and controller, and you have a 8" console for $299 that can push high-end PC-quality graphics. I suppose the caveat is that you still require a good network connection.

I spent some time with Borderlands 2, and stuck with 60 FPS and no noticeable input lag. Amazing! There's about 20 games up there now, and apparently they're adding more every week.