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Full Version: Upgrade to GTX970?
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Hi all, its been a while since I last upgraded my computer. I'm thinking of upgrading my ancient Radeon HD 6870 to the new GTX970 but I'm not sure if my current parts are compatible or have enough power. Below are my specs:

Intel DZ68DB Motherboard
Intel Core i7 2600K @ 3.40 GHz
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
8 GB Ram
Sapphire Radeon HD6870
Antec BP550 Plus 550W Power Supply
Samsung 1 TB Hard Drive

Also, I currently have a 24 inch 1920x1200 monitor and thinking of getting a 27 inch 2560x1440 if that matters.

I don't do any overclocking. With these specs, will I be able to replace my 6870 with a GTX970? If so, which GTX970 model should I get? Thanks in advance.
The 970 looks to be a fantastic card. I think it would work great in your system. I'd double check the PSU specs.

Also, some of the GTX 970 cards are taller due to a larger heat sink so if your case is height limited it might be something to measure carefully.

I would have bought one already, however the proprietary locked BIOS of my Dell xps 8700 won't sync with 970/980 cards. There is fairly long ongoing rant on the dell support forum for about 2 months, but no fix to the BIOS has surfaced to date.

I suggest reviewing the forums for the vendor you are going to buy from (evga, msi, gigabyte, etc) as well as the nVidia driver forum.

I have been trolling the various forums, and have read dell is not the only motherboard with issues so it might be worth asking if anyone has installed one successfully. Also, there seem to be intermittent complaints of this card/this vBios/this monitor setup not working. I'm expecting these issues will get sorted with updates but for me it doesn't matter until I build another system or until Dell updates their BIOS.
As Dan-H stated, assuming it will fit in your case, that PSU should be sufficient. You may need some 6-pin or 8-pin PCI-E adapters, depending on the model you go with, and whether it includes any in the box (you can tell from the specifications page on NewEgg.)

The latest Best GPU for your Money article lists a lot of good GTX970 models. Basically, just avoid the models that mention "Coil Wine". EVGA ACX 2.0 is usually a good series.
Case wise I have a Rosewill Destroyer so I'll check that out. It seems that the GTX970 has some issues being a new release. I'll research about its problems but if I end up questioning it, would I be sacrificing a lot if I go down to say a GTX770 or similar?

seems like all the vendors have had complaints.
That doesn't sound too good. I guess I will hold off on the GTX970 and get something lower tiered like the GTX770 or 780. If I go that route, is it safe to assume that the only thing that might prevent that card from working with my setup is case space and PSU requirements?
Sorry, my intent was to raise visibility, not to say it's a poor choice. I will likely get a 970 as an upgrade, and move the 760 to a lesser system.
Problems with online complaints is that it's hard to say what % of people with issues complain vs what % of people without any issue say anything. In my experience, the % of the former is higher than the % of the latter.

My point being that generally, people with products that have issues are much more vocal than people who are satisfied with their purchase. Not that I'm dismissing problematic products, I'm just saying keep that in mind.

If you're worried, go with an EVGA model, their customer support is one of, if not the best of the companies that sell video cards based on Nvidia GPUs.

Any company should allow you to exchange your video card if it has such coil noise. Some companies are faster and easier to deal with than others, EVGA is one of them in my experience/from what I heard/read over the years.
Agreed, also, a 970 is going to be a lot more future proof (and better performance/dollar if you can find one at MSRP) than the 770 or 780. They added a lot of cool features over the 700 series, (Google 900-series), cut power usage in HALF, and really created a sweet GPU with the 970.

I'm hoping to pick one up this summer, to enable Streaming games from my PC to my Shield Tablet. It's kind of low on the priority list though, and hard to justify to She Who Most Be Obeyed...Especially since I mainly play 20-year-old games and program Christmas Lights on my current rig...
Thanks for all the input. I'll try my hand with the EVGA 970. Of course, I need to make sure it will fit in my case. I think my 550W PSU should handle it, based on the power calculator. Will update, once I go through with this.
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