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Full Version: NextGen games require HUGE disk space requirement
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this is getting borderline rediculous. first it was titanfall, now its the new COD and AC requiring 50GB of free HDD space. i thought 18GB for BF3 and 30GB for BF4 was a lot. GEEZ hopefully higher capacity ssd prices will continue to come down.

i got to thinking, why so much? then i realized that a double density blue ray disc has a 50.1 GB capacity.(the new consoles maybe).

then i got to looking at the new AC system requirements, minimum requires 6Gig of ram and a 4 core processor, with a recommended 8 thread cpu with a gtx 780.

maybe these new consoles are good for game evolution. what do you think?
All I know is games are not optimized like they used to be.
Jeez, I remember the days when spending $800 on PC build put you years ahead of what the latest games could push. The games were always behind the hardware.

Now it seems they'll take whatever you can handle.

Another reason I don't recommend 120GB SSDs to people anymore, unless they only play 1 game, like WoW or LoL.
There's a reason why I recommend a hard drive with a SSD and will update Mainstream Gaming PCs with 256/512GB SSDs. Tongue

More seriously, games are more and more optimized for consoles and less so for PCs.

With the newer generation of consoles out for a while now, newer games that are designed with them in mind and not the older gen of consoles. Hence the higher requirements.

I'm running a 256GB (238 usable) Crucial M4 on my laptop, I'm running out of space badly and I don't even play games nowadays.
but i wonder: If consoles run x86 code with the ps4's cpu being weaker than cell according to this:
Why the pc runs so bad?
Why AC Games runs so bad?
I think It's because of fear of piracy.
But titanfall runs a little better with a gtx 750ti than the X1.
Destiny has a lot of hidden content referred as future dlc that might answer your question.